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10 of the best mortgage brokers in Melbourne

Updated: 2 days ago

Mortgage brokers help guide you through the home buying process, but how do you find the good ones in Melbourne?

Discover the best mortgage brokers in Melbourne in our comprehensive guide and find out what makes these financial experts a cut above the rest. Plus, check out the key questions you should be asking your broker to ensure your next property purchase goes ahead hassle-free.

Who are the best mortgage brokers in Melbourne?

A mortgage broker on the phone to a client in an office

There are hundreds of mortgage brokers operating in and around Melbourne, and finding a good one might seem overwhelming. But there are some ways to narrow down your search. As a starting point, look for brokers who have an online presence with positive client reviews, and learn which lenders they mostly deal with (mortgage brokers usually won’t have access to all lenders). 

From here, you’ll get an idea of the loan types that may be available to you, as well as the areas the broker specialises in.

Here are 10 top mortgage brokers in Melbourne.

1. AXTON Finance

AXTON Finance has access to over 30 lenders and bases its business on three core values: trust, communication and excellence. Its team of mortgage brokers work with first home buyers, refinancers, investors, as well as private banking relationships tailored to high net worth clients. 

In 2023, AXTON Finance took out several awards, including being among the Top Brokerages in Australia recognised by MPA, as well as one its brokers, Luke Rowland, being nominated as a finalist for New Broker of the Year at The Adviser’s Better Business Awards. Additionally, AXTON Finance has more than 270 5-star reviews on Google.

2. Mortgage Compare Plus (Steve Keramidas)

Steve Keramidas founded Mortgage Compare Plus in 2016 with an aim to make home ownership affordable and accessible to everyday Australians. Some of Mortgage Compare Plus’s services include finance for first home buyers, investors, refinancers, self-employed borrowers, and more. 

With access to more than 40 lenders, clients who choose Mortgage Compare Plus can expect a company which focuses on performance with purpose. Steve Keramidas’ insights are often featured in industry publications, and has been nominated as one of the Best Mortgage Brokers in Melbourne 2023 by Top Experts.

3. What If We Finance

What If We Finance was established in 2008 and has access to over 2,000 home loan products, according to its website. Available 7 days a week from 8:30 am to 9:30 pm, What If We Finance claims to have a network of industry experts with more than 25 years of experience. 

Whether you’re after your next home loan, buying your first property, refinancing or you’re a low-doc borrower, What If We Finance offers $300 to prospective clients if they can’t beat your current mortgage agreement. What If We Finance also has over 180 5-star reviews on Google.

4. Mortgage Broker Melbourne

Since 1999, Mortgage Broker Melbourne and its team of brokers have served clients in the Melbourne CBD and surrounding suburbs. Mortgage Broker Melbourne offers a mobile service or can be found in-person at several locations. 

The brokerage offers deals with competitive interest rates, expert advice and guidance that’s hassle-free from start to finish. Mortgage Broker Melbourne has over 400 5-star reviews on Google, and covers a range of borrowers looking to secure finance.  

5. Clark Finance Group

Based in Greensborough, Clark Finance Group has a small team of mortgage brokers dedicated to educating clients, offering tailored options, providing ongoing support, and fostering trust through relationships. Clark Finance Group specialises in loans for new homes, investments, refinancing and more.

The company won the VIC/SA/TAS Broker of the Year in 2021 by the Specialist Finance Group and was nominated as a finalist in 2022 for The Adviser’s Best Loan Administrator. In addition, Clark Finance Group has notched more than 45 5-star Google reviews.

  • Phone: 1300 366 670

  • Email: Submit an online enquiry via the Clark Finance Group website

  • Address: Level 1, 85-87 Grimshaw Street, Greensborough, VIC 3088

  • Website:

6. Entourage Finance

Entourage Finance has an expert team of home loan and property professionals, offering services to first home buyers, next home buyers, refinancers, investors, and more. The brokerage claims to listen to its clients’ needs, ask the right questions and find the perfect fit.

With 300+ 5-star Google reviews, Entourage Finance has settled $2 billion in loans and over 3,000 properties purchased or financed. According to its website, Entourage Finance has more than 70 award wins and achievements, including being named the 2022 Australian Brokerage of the Year at the Australian Mortgage Awards. 

7. MoneyQuest Northcote

Established in 2007, MoneyQuest has a national team of mortgage brokers who claim “to make property ownership easy and rewarding for everyday Australians”. MoneyQuest Northcote is a franchise of MoneyQuest, and has built a reputation as one of the best brokers in Melbourne’s north-east.  

MoneyQuest’s tight-knit team are experts in home loans and investment loans, including finance for first home buyers and self-employed borrowers. The brokerage has over 30 5-star reviews on Google and strives to work with clients to find them a good deal that’s suitable to their circumstances.

8. Top Finance Specialists

Top Finance Specialists offer loans for all, whether you're a first home buyer or are a low doc borrower. They handle the entire process, assessing your situation thoroughly and tailoring a mortgage to meet your specific needs.

With over 80 5-star reviews on Google, Top Finance Specialists is your go-to brokerage for all your lending needs. Director of Top Finance Specialists, Faraz Hassan, also has roughly 200 5-star reviews on RateMyAgent, and deals with 35 lenders. 

9. Aqua Financial Services

Aqua Financial Services has access to over 60 lenders, including the big four banks, with hundreds of products available. Its team of lending and mortgage professionals offer clients a flexible mobile service that’s straightforward and stress-free.

Founder of Aqua Financial Services, Daniel Hustwaite, has been named MPA Top 100 Broker of the Year for 6 years running, while the firm was a finalist in 2018-19 for MPA Top 10 Brokerages of the Year at the Connective Excellence Awards. It also has over 150 Google 5-star reviews.

10. Mach Mortgages

Founder and director of Mach Mortgages, Andrew Macheras, offers “expert lending solutions for all situations”. This includes mortgages for first home buyers, next home purchases, investors and refinancers. 

Mach Mortgages has more than 40 lenders on their panel, claiming to “hold the knowledge and expertise to assist with even the most complex financial situations”. The Melbourne-based broker also has over 30 5-star reviews on Google.

How to find the best mortgage brokers in Melbourne

To find a reliable mortgage broker in Melbourne, follow these steps: 

  • Do your homework: Explore online company profiles and client reviews to see if they’re a suitable match. Assess the range of services offered and any awards received, indicating expertise in specific areas.

  • Seek recommendations: Tap into your social network for advice, particularly from those who recently purchased property in Melbourne. Their insights may lead you to brokers aligned with your financial objectives.

  • Narrow your choices: Schedule consultations with preferred brokers to discuss your needs. Evaluate their communication style, willingness to address queries, and attentiveness to your concerns. 

  • Choose wisely: Select a broker who provides helpful financial guidance and transparent fee structures. Also, ensure they have in-depth knowledge of the Melbourne property market.

Make sure your mortgage broker understands the Melbourne property market

View of inner city suburbs of Melbourne

In Melbourne, real estate is fiercely competitive, boasting some of Australia’s priciest neighbourhoods. Fitzroy, for instance, saw a median house price of $1.65 million in 2023, as reported by Domain. Given this demand, your mortgage broker should be on the ball, enabling quick action when a desirable property hits the market. 

Ensure your broker understands state-specific property transaction regulations, like transfer duty rates as this may affect your borrowing needs. They should also know of any government incentives for different types of borrowers, such as first home buyers or low-doc individuals. 

While many brokers operate online nationwide, Melbourne-based brokers may offer access to local lenders with exclusive deals. Additionally, good brokers provide property reports and local market insights, helping you make an informed decision about the area you wish to buy in.

Key questions to ask Melbourne mortgage brokers

As a general rule of thumb, you should ask your Melbourne mortgage broker the following: 

  • Which lenders do you work with? Brokers usually partner with a range of lenders, so ensure you have access to various options, including banks, credit unions, and specialist lenders. 

  • How do you tailor loans to my situation? Seek a broker who listens to your needs and recommends options aligned with your goals. For instance, first home buyers may prefer basic home loans with a low interest rate, while an investor may want a mortgage with lower fees and flexible repayment options.

  • What fees apply, and how do you get paid? Ask your broker whether they earn a commission from your chosen lender as this is the most common way they get paid. Some brokers may charge an upfront fee, although this is less common. 

  • Should I only consider a mortgage with a low interest rate? Brokers should explain all aspects of loan options, not just the interest rate. Consider features like fees, terms, redraw facilities, and offset accounts for a comprehensive understanding.  

  • How long does mortgage approval take? Ensure your broker provides a realistic timeframe for your pre-approval (it can vary depending on the lender and your personal circumstances), however they should be in a position to advise a rough estimate. Once pre-approval is obtained, it will signal to sales agents that you’re serious about purchasing a particular property.

Disclaimer: The list of mortgage brokers presented on this page is based on research our experts could find at the time of writing. We are not making a recommendation about any particular brokers. Please use this information as a guide only, and do your own research before engaging with a mortgage broker.  

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