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Top 10 best mortgage brokers in Hobart

Updated: 2 days ago

Searching for the ideal home loan can be overwhelming, but with the right mortgage broker, it’s usually pretty straightforward.

In this guide, we’ll reveal 10 top mortgage brokers in Hobart as well as the key questions you should be asking them to ensure you’re getting a good deal.

Who are the best mortgage brokers in Hobart?

A mortgage broker discussing a home loan with a client in their house

The best mortgage brokers in Hobart will get to know your unique circumstances to secure a home loan that suits your needs. A good broker will also have glowing reviews from satisfied clients, demonstrating their expertise, range of services and communication style. 

Here are 10 of the best mortgage brokers in Hobart:

1. One Stone Finance

With access to over 30 lenders, One Stone Finance specialises in home loans for first home buyers, second homes/upgrades, land & building finance, refinancing, and more. One Stone Finance has a team with decades of industry experience who take a holistic view of where their clients’ finances are at to help them plan for a better future.

One Stone Finance has numerous awards to its name, including winner of Best Customer Service (Individual) for VIC/TAS at The Adviser’s 2022 Better Business Awards, as well as being named state finalist for the Regional Finance Broker Award at the MFAA 2022 Excellence Awards. On Google, One Stone Finance has a 5-star rating based on 205 reviews.

2. Gloss Finance

Director and Mortgage Specialist at Gloss Finance, Narelle Kerstan, has worked in the lending industry in Hobart since 1993 with extensive experience in the Tasmanian market. Whether it’s loans for first home buyers, investors, refinancers or those who are self-employed, Gloss Finance has loan options from over 20 lenders. 

In 2020, Gloss Finance was nominated for Excellence in Finance by Plan Australia for the number of loans written, and Broker of the Year in 2019 at the Australian Mortgage Awards for Best Customer Services from an office. Gloss Finance has more than 130 5-star reviews on Google.

3. Mortgage World Finance

Mortgage World Finance gives Tasmanians access to over 25 lenders and its Director, Tony Robinson, has been a broker for more than 20 years. In its own words, Mortgage World Finance offers a wide range of home loans, investment loans and finance services, as well as being available seven days a week.

According to its website, Mortgage World Finance does all the research for clients and handpicks a selection of loans, then workshops solutions that are outside of the box. Mortgage World Finance has a 5-star rating on Google from 88 reviews.

4. Walmac Finance

Walmac Finance has a combined 27 years’ experience in the industry, working with lenders on their clients’ behalf. The broking firm has access to more than 30 loan providers and hundreds of products, aiming to “get clients what they deserve and to keep the banks on their toes”. 

Whether you’re buying a first home, investing, upsizing or downsizing, refinancing or renovating, Directors Walter Dare and Benjamin McKay can assist with a range of enquiries. On Google, Walmac Finance has a 5-star rating based on 42 reviews.  

5. Deltos Finance

Boasting one of the highest loan approval rates across mortgage brokers in Australia, Deltos Finance says it’s “Hobart’s number one mortgage broking team”. Deltos Finance works with clients who are looking for their first home, next home, to invest or refinance. 

Some of the benefits of choosing to work with Deltos Finance include their extensive market knowledge, their power to negotiate better terms on your behalf and offering a suitable loan structure. Deltos Finance has more than 50 5-star reviews on Google.

6. Derwent Finance Hobart

Founded in 2017, Derwent Finance Hobart has helped over 3,300 clients by giving them access to its panel of 45+ lenders. The team at Derwent Finance Hobart has over a decade of experience and can assist with a range of services - from home loans and refinancing to first home buyers and investment loans.

Derwent Finance Hobart has won multiple industry awards, including Brokerage of the Year in 2023 at the Mortgage Business Awards and Best Finance Broker for VIC/TAS in 2022 at The Adviser’s Better Business Awards. On Google, Derwent Finance Hobart has a 4.8-star rating from 186 reviews.

7. Tassie Home Loans

With over 30 lenders to choose from, Tassie Home Loans will help borrowers find the right options. Whether you’re a first home buyer, upgrading, downsizing or refinancing, Tassie Home Loans claims it has an award-winning team of accredited mortgage consultants.

According to its website, Tassie Home Loans “provides its clients with exceptional service in the delivery of an integrated range of mortgage and related products”. Tassie Home Loans has a 4.8 star rating on Google based on 51 reviews.

8. MoneyQuest - Elizabeth Street, Hobart

MoneyQuest - Elizabeth Street, Hobart covers a range of needs, from home loans, investment loans and finance for first home buyers. As part of the wider MoneyQuest franchise, MoneyQuest - Elizabeth Street, Hobart says it has hundreds of home loans to choose from, including products from the big four banks. 

Its finance specialist, Meghna Raut, says she has “the ability to take on complex situations and create successful stories from them”. On Google, MoneyQuest - Elizabeth Street, Hobart has a 5-star rating based on 26 reviews. 

9. Loan Spy

Whether it’s a loan for next home buyers, refinancers or investors, Loan Spy claims it's all about taking a personalised approach that best suits their client’s needs. According to Loan Spy, the brokerage has access to over 25 lenders and works with borrowers every step of the way to secure the best possible deal. 

Loan Spy says it doesn’t charge any additional costs or fees, but rather earns a commission that’s paid directly by the lender. Loan Spy has a 5-star rating on Google from 14 reviews.

10. Bennetto Finance

Bennetto Finance has access to more than 30 lenders, giving clients the flexibility they need to make the right choice. Located in the heart of Hobart, Bennetto Finance has a team of dedicated brokers who are ready to tackle a range of client goals. 

Bennetto Finance can also help with working out the borrowing capacity of clients, along with a loan health check to see if there are better deals available. On Google, Bennetto Finance has a 5-star rating based on 11 reviews.

How to find the best mortgage brokers in Hobart

Finding a reputable mortgage broker may seem overwhelming, but there are ways to simplify your search.

Here's what you should focus on:

  • Positive reviews: Seek out client testimonials, especially from individuals who have faced similar circumstances, such as first home buyers. Their experiences can offer insights into the quality of service provided by prospective brokers.

  • Experience: Check how long the broker has been in the industry or if they possess prior finance-related experience. A seasoned professional is more likely to navigate the intricacies of the mortgage market efficiently.

  • Recommendations: Consult family, friends, and colleagues who have recently engaged with a mortgage broker in Hobart. Their experience can help you with firsthand perspectives and aid in your decision-making process.

  • Transparency: Choose a mortgage broker who is forthcoming about how they get paid in addition to how well they understand the Hobart property market.

Your mortgage broker should have a good understanding of the Hobart property market

Aerial view of Hobart and surrounding suburbs

With its unique blend of historical charm, natural beauty, and increasing economic opportunities, Hobart is a slow, yet steady market, particularly when compared to the mainland. While real estate prices in Hobart climbed to their peak in 2022, there has been minimal movement recently, according to Given it’s a slower market, your mortgage broker should have a good understanding of which suburbs are in demand more than others. 

Your broker should also be across relevant Tasmanian property rules, such as stamp duty concessions, which can affect your borrowing capacity. Additionally, your mortgage broker should share details about any government incentives available for first home buyers. 

While most mortgage brokers operate across Australia regardless of where they are situated, a Hobart-based broker may have access to non-advertised deals through local lenders.

Key questions to ask mortgage brokers in Hobart

Consider asking your Hobart mortgage broker the following questions:

  • What loan types do you specialise in? Ensure your broker has a proven track record assisting clients in similar circumstances, such as investors.

  • Can you provide clarity on the various mortgage options available? Understanding the differences ensures you select the most suitable option for your requirements, whether it's principal and interest or interest-only.

  • Which government incentives or programs am I eligible for? Being informed about potential savings opportunities, such as the First Home Owners Grant (FHOG), can significantly benefit you during the homebuying process.

  • How many lenders do you have access to, and how do you determine which products to recommend? Many brokers have a portfolio of preferred lenders. However, it's crucial to understand how they select products, as their recommendations may differ based on factors beyond just the interest rate. For instance, first home buyers might prioritise loans with low interest rates and offset accounts, while investors may seek lenders offering interest-only repayment options.

  • What is your payment structure? While brokers typically receive commissions from lenders upon loan settlement, some may also charge upfront fees, particularly in complex cases, such as those involving self-employed individuals with average credit. Clarifying these details upfront can help you understand the broker's compensation model and any associated costs.

Disclaimer: The list of mortgage brokers presented on this page is based on research carried out by our experts at the time of writing. We are not making a recommendation about any particular brokers. Please use this information as a guide only, and do your own research before engaging with a mortgage broker.  

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