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10 of the best mortgage brokers in Adelaide

Updated: 2 days ago

Mortgage brokers help thousands of people purchase their next property, whether they’re a first home buyer or experienced investor. 

But, how do you find a good broker in Adelaide?

In our guide, we’ll show you a selection of Adelaide mortgage brokers who go above and beyond for their clients, plus we’ll cover some important questions you should be asking them.

Who are the best mortgage brokers in Adelaide?

A mortgage broker going through paperwork with clients

A little bit of research can go a long way to help you find the broker in Adelaide who’s best suited to your needs. It’s worth keeping an eye out for mortgage brokers who have a good reputation - either online or via word of mouth - and it’s important to check which lenders they work with as this will dictate what options may be available to you. 

Here are 10 of the best mortgage brokers in Adelaide:

1. Rise High Financial Solutions

Founded in 2011, Rise High Financial Solutions is run by husband and wife team, James and Marissa Schulze, both of whom bring a wealth of experience to the table. Some of Rise High’s values are putting their clients first, finding opportunities that delight, striving for continuous improvement, and earning trust and respect. 

Rise High has been rated as one of Adelaide’s (and Australia’s) best mortgage brokerages, winning Industry and Community Broker Group of the Year 2023 at the Australian Finance Group Broker Awards. According to Google, it has almost 700 5-star reviews.

2. Palm Tree Finance

Palm Tree Finance states that its “goal is to help clients pay off their mortgage in 10 years”, according to its website. The brokerage has a client-centric approach consisting of a personal consultation, tailoring finance to specific needs, providing transparent guidance and ongoing support.

On Google, Palm Tree Finance has more than 170 5-star reviews and are specialists in owner-occupier loans, first home buyers, and more. Palm Tree Finance has access to over 30 lenders having been in the finance industry for almost 10 years.

3. Zanda Wealth Mortgage Brokers Adelaide

Established in 2014, Zanda Wealth originated as an independent property investment firm, but has now grown to become one of South Australia’s premier mortgage brokers. With access to over 100 different lenders, Zanda Wealth offers clients a complete end-to-end experience with ongoing support. 

While there are Zanda Wealth mortgage brokers Australia-wide, its head office is located in  Adelaide CBD on Pirie Street. According to Google, Zanda Wealth Mortgage Brokers Adelaide has a 4.9 star rating based on 99 reviews.

4. Loan Market (Lee Banh)

Offering access to over 60 lenders, the Loan Market team in Adelaide fronted by Senior Mortgage Broker, Lee Banh, believe in streamlining the home loan process. Whether you’re investing, refinancing or buying your first home, Loan Market (Lee Banh) has Adelaide and its surrounding neighbourhoods covered. 

Loan Market (Lee Banh) claim they’re not a bank, nor are they owned by one, and that they have the power to negotiate, giving borrowers more choice. They’ve been named as Top 25 Brokerage in 2019 by The Adviser and have more than 120 5-star reviews on Google.  

5. Mortgage Choice Kent Town

Mortgage Choice Kent Town is led by Michael Karp, principal and mortgage broker with over 17 years of experience. Based in central Adelaide, Mortgage Choice Kent Town has access to a wide range of lenders through its parent company, Mortgage Choice. 

According to his website, Michael Karp was the 2023 winner of Spirit of Mortgage Choice and 2023 winner as Top Loan Administrator, among many others. On Google, Mortgage Choice Kent Town has a 5-star rating from 78 reviews.

6. Loans Combined

Loans Combined was founded by brothers Adrian and David Signore, who specialise in a range of financial services. Whether you’re buying your first home, investing, refinancing or purchasing your next home, Loans Combined works with over 60 lenders to give their clients a variety of options. 

The team at Loans Combined have managed a 5-star rating on Google, notching more than 200 reviews. In addition, mortgage broker and co-founder of Loans Combined, David Signore, recently won the Rising Star SA/NT at the Loan Market International Awards. 

  • Phone: (08) 7009 4565

  • Email: Submit an online enquiry via the Loans Combined website

  • Address: Level 1, 266-268 Payneham Road, Payneham, SA 5070

  • Website:

7. Search Mortgages

Operating in Adelaide, Wayville and Unley, Search Mortgages brings years of experience to provide clients with a seamless process. Search Mortgages has over 60 lenders on their books, promising to give expert tailored advice while maximising savings. 

Its team of mortgage brokers have managed a 5-star rating on Google with more than 100 reviews. They offer loans for borrowers looking to purchase their first home, buy their next home, refinance, invest, and more.

  • Phone: 0404 336 809 / (08) 8271 1766

  • Email: Submit an online enquiry via the Search Mortgages website

  • Address: 18 Greenhill Road, Wayville, SA 5034

  • Website:

8. Samuel Finance

Samuel Finance was founded in 2012 by Greg Samuel with a vision to become a complete finance broking business. Today, Samuel Finance has grown into a multi-faceted company, offering assistance with home loans, agribusiness and more. 

In 2019, Greg Samuel was named as a national finalist for Broker of the Year at the Australian Mortgage Awards. Furthermore, Samuel Finance has 50 5-star reviews on Google. 

9. Mayfair Finance Brokers

Mayfair Finance Brokers are a leading home, business and corporate finance team of specialists. Since 2013, Mayfair Finance Brokers has helped “everyday Australians fulfil their dreams of home or business ownership”, giving them access to around 40 different lenders.  

In 2019, Mayfair Finance Brokers was a finalist across several awards, including Best Finance Broker, Best Customer Service (Individual) and Best Independent Office (Less Than 5 Broker) at The Adviser’s Better Business Awards. They also have 116 5-star reviews on Google.

10. Castle Mortgages

Nolan Parodi is the founder and Managing Director of Castle Mortgages, offering a personalised service and access to over 60 lenders. Whether it’s securing finance for first home buyers, refinancers or investors, Castle Mortgages has options for everyone. 

Castle Mortgages has a 5-star rating on Google based on 34 reviews, and offers an after-hours service. With over 10 years of finance experience, Castle Mortgages states it brings a wealth of knowledge to help clients navigate the complex world of mortgages.

How to find the best Adelaide mortgage brokers

To find a good mortgage broker in Adelaide, you’ll need to: 

  • Do your research: Dive into the online company profiles and customer feedback to check if they’re right for you. Consider the services on offer and any awards received, showcasing expertise in specific areas. 

  • Seek referrals: Reach out to your family, friends and co-workers for recommendations, especially from recent property buyers in Adelaide. Their experiences might steer you towards brokers who match your financial goals. 

  • Refine your options: Arrange meetings with preferred brokers to discuss your needs. Assess how they communicate to your queries and concerns. 

  • Choose your match: Opt for a broker who offers valuable financial advice and transparent fee structures. Additionally, verify their understanding of the Adelaide property market.

Your Adelaide mortgage broker should have an understanding of the local property market

Aerial view of the inner city suburbs of Adelaide

The real estate market in Adelaide is becoming increasingly competitive, with house prices expected to continue to rise in 2024. According to Domain, the median house price in 2023 was $884,654, an increase of 60% from 2019. With such high demand, your mortgage broker needs to be proactive and provide quick turnaround times with loan applications. 

Make sure your broker is across the state’s property regulations, including stamp duty rates, which can influence your borrowing requirements. They should also be knowledgeable about any government incentives for various borrower types, such as first home buyers or those seeking low-documentation loans (i.e. people who are self-employed). 

Although many brokers operate nationwide online, choosing an Adelaide-based mortgage broker may grant you access to local lenders offering exclusive deals. Moreover, reputable brokers often supply property reports that cover the local market conditions, giving you insights to make a better informed decision.

Important questions to ask mortgage brokers in Adelaide

These are the main questions you should ask your Adelaide mortgage broker: 

  • Which lenders are in your network? It’s essential to ensure your broker has connections with various lenders, including banks, credit unions and specialised lenders.

  • How do you recommend products? Look for brokers who listen to your needs and suggest options that align with your goals. For example, if you’re upsizing, you might prefer a home loan with a low interest rate and access to offset accounts. An investor, on the other hand, may seek a mortgage with minimal fees and flexible repayment terms.

  • What are the applicable fees, and how do you earn money? Inquire about any commissions your broker may receive from your selected lender, as this is typically how they’re paid. Some brokers may charge an upfront fee, however this isn’t common. 

  • Is a low interest rate the only consideration for choosing a mortgage? A good broker should walk you through all aspects of loan options, not just the interest rate. Consider factors such as fees, terms, redraw facilities, and offset accounts for a greater understanding. 

  • How long does the mortgage approval process typically take? Your broker should be able to provide a ballpark timeframe for your pre-approval, which can vary based on the lender and your individual circumstances. Obtaining pre-approval signals to real estate agents that you’re serious about purchasing a specific property.

Disclaimer: The list of mortgage brokers presented on this page is based on research our experts could find at the time of writing. We are not making a recommendation about any particular brokers. Please use this information as a guide only, and do your own research before engaging with a mortgage broker.  

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